NYC Day 1

I am writing these updates in retrospect, but its still pretty fresh so it should be okay.

I had the hardest time sleeping on Thursday night.  I was excited and paranoid I wouldn’t wake up and I would miss my flight.  I set my alarm for 4:45 planning to leave at 5:15am to drive to the airport and park etc. before my flight left at 7:40am.  I ended up waking up at 4 on my own unable to get back to sleep so I got ready and left around 5am.

I got to the airport and checked in with no problems.  I took some Dramamine and slept off and on the whole flight.  I got there around 12 and got my bag and looked for Maydelle who got in around 10am.  Then we found this “taxi” guy who tried to give us a ride to Abraham’s in his van for $55 plus tax and tip.  I looked up before we got there that a taxi fare would be about $20 from the airport to his apt.  So once he pulled up in his blue van I was like “No, I think we will just take a real taxi,” and we walked off.  Which we did and it went great.  It was kinda rainy and very humid and hot.  Nothing like I expected.  It was very Houston-like and unappreciated.

We got to Abraham’s in Harlem and found out that he lived on the 6th floor.  No elevator.  Haha that would take some getting used to if I lived there.  We unpacked and met his roommate Devon? (another actor) and left for the City That Never Sleeps!!!  Once we got to the bottom of the stairs, we realized we left our umbrellas in our suitcases so we had to go back up 6 flights of stairs.  It was a low moment in my life.

The subway was only one block from his apt which was crazy sweet.

We stopped and ate at subway (i had a gift card!) but then went straight to Rockefeller Center for the Jimmy Fallon show.  The guests were Mathew Broderick and “The Situation” from Jersey shore.  It was fun seeing the show but it was freezing in the studio.  Jimmy Fallon ran around the audience and shook hands with/hugged many of the audience members.  It rained pretty hard while we were at the taping, but luckily it stopped when we left and didn’t rain again for the rest of our trip.

After we got out, about 7, we headed over to Broadway for Sister Act.  We stopped and got some NYC hot dogs on the way and a couple of gellatos that were amazing.  Sister Act was okay.  Def not one of my fav musicals, but it was fun.

After the play (10:30) we headed back to Abraham’s because we were so tired.  We had to wait for some random people to come home so we could go inside because no one was home to buzz us in.  I took some Benadryl and slept very good despite the loud NYC sounds.

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